Hydraulic Excavator Training Courses


The hydraulic excavator is one of the tools we increasingly encounter in various sectors and industries. As in forestry and road construction, agriculture and mining. This multifunctional machine has proven its value in practice. The purchase of heavy equipment is a huge investment. The expectation is therefore aimed at ensuring that there is a certain guarantee in lifetime and reliability. To achieve this good maintenance, correctly and safe operating of the machine is essential to increase the availability of the excavator. Training and supervision of operators and mechanics is necessary to achieve desired performance. The demands that are placed on the knowledge and skills of the operator are becoming increasingly stringent.


Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:
  • Identify safety requirements for working with the Excavator.
  • Identify, locate and explain the function of the main components.
  • Identify the control panel, explain the warning indicators, and, indicate the response of the operator.
  • Describe and demonstrate the proper walk- around inspection and proper reporting of complaints.
  • Demonstrate the proper start-up , system functional testing, cool-down shutdown procedure.
  • Demonstrate the proper operating techniques, travel, loading, excavating, re-handling and site preparation procedure.
  • Demonstrate post inspection.