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About Us

Our Vision

Mediro Training Academy (Pty)Ltd's vision is to be nationally and internationally recognized as an institution of excellence in the education, training, and, development practice sector focusing on integrity, alleviation of poverty, black economic empowerment, development and contributing to increased professionalism of  the mining sector throughout the African continent. 
A trusted and most recognized training provider in mining machines.

Our Mission Statement

  • Obtain recurring business by building long-term relationships with sound customers, creating customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Deliver on our customer promise consistently.
  • Create and build networks that benefit our clients.
  • Build a reputable and most recognised brand by being loyal, professional and compassionate.
  • Develop a loyal, proud and contented workforce by empowering them through training and recognition as well as ensuring them of a safe work environment.
  • Build mutually beneficial long-term relationships with "value for money" suppliers.
  • Serve the community in which the workforce resides.

Our Core Values

As a training provider, we have the following set of values that guides us to maintain the level of services we desire to deliver to our clients:

  1. Reliability: we strive to keep our promise.
  2. Integrity: our clients can trust us because we believe in honesty.
  3. Customer focus: we place high value in our clients and their needs.
  4. Empower our clients: we strive to provide our clients with the knowledge to empower themselves and to create their own freedom.
  5. Respect: we respect our clients.
  6. Unprejudiced: we operate without prejudice and non-discriminatory on all levels.